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Each sector seems to look askance at the other. No reason for this. Do whatever your social circle does.


Though there are few things I enjoy more than re-hashing old threads, Prof has this one pretty mouch nailed down. By the time prospective chosson and kallah sit down, the financials have pretty much been agreed upon. Maybe not to the nickel, but suffice to say, at that point, there will be few if any surprises.

Things Not To Say On A Shidduch Date

First date or two a lounge, next date or two a restaurant, then some some outdoor activities? Can you carry off a 4 hour walk in the park and hold up your end of a conversation? Then outdoors is fine, but it needs to be daytime. Bear in mind you are coming up against Chol Hamoed, and the streets will be crawling with people you and she most likely know.

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From you opening post, I took the conclusion that you are from out of town and are just looking for NYC destinations. From this last post, I get the feeling you are just starting the dating process.


If so, let me ask the folloing: Nothing is set in stone, its really whatever you want. Believe it or not SOME guys still actually call before a date! If not and I have done this when sitting in a lounge, I ask if he minds walking around outside, you always find cool things and end up wandering into stores along the way….

I went out with my bashert 5 times before we got engaged. If you know that is where you will be going, and think you will run out of things to say, prepare a list beforehand of topics you would like to talk about! When you are on a date, you are on the spot and under pressure.

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  • If you have a general list in your head of topics you could bring up, you will be able to avoid most awkward pauses and have a pleasant conversation. We also took a look at a book describing different personality types dont remember the name, its quite popular and tried to explain which type best described us. By the fourth date, the shadchan put pressure on my not-yet husband to take me out somewhere more interesting and suggested miniature golf. The point is, if you are prepared with topics and questions, hotels are not evil, can even be a pleasant atmosphere.

    I just think things should be reversed. For example, the first few dates should be somewhere fun so you can warm up to each other in a relaxing way. However, when you are first meeting the person it tends to be awkward. Perhaps not mini golf specifically but something other than sitting and staring at a person for 3 hours. I agree with asdfgh. Lounges are the most suitable places for a date.

    And it serves the purpose of a date better. Glad to see this thread come around again. Highline park Just went out recently and was gonna go there but it closes early still. Not sure when the schedule changes. Also, while i do really like going there on dates, ive found that there are usually untznius women there. Theres a starbucks my friend told me about by one of the entrances, real convenient to sit down in before or get a bottle of water.

    Plus, the big advantage is that if the date goes downhill fast, there will always be some cute animals doing some cute things to make your date smile and give both of you a needed laugh. Log into your account. Where to go on a date? Viewing 48 posts - 1 through 48 of 48 total. September 20, 7: Ideas, anyone, on where to go on a date?


    Topics To Talk About On A Shidduch Date | glitvermelanmi.ga

    Metro New York area. September 20, 8: September 20, 9: Anywhere but a hotel lounge. If you need directions to either location listed, let me know. When the drawbridge was opened the elevator service was discontinued. September 20, Doc Pepper is mostly right about Roosevelt Island, though the tram is out of service till Oct. If you meant directions to Battery Park, please say so.

    September 21, 1: I think thats enough for now…. Most American Jews have ancestors who came through there; it is well worth a trip. September 21, 2: For both of us. September 21, 3: September 21, 4: September 21, 6: September 21, 7: Ben Torah — Sure! September 21, 8: September 21, 9: September 21, September 22, 3: September 22, 5: September 22, 6: September 22, 4: She has a total veto. If you are uncomfortable in a hotel lobby, suggest a different place!

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    Topics To Talk About On A Shidduch Date

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